5 Real Estate Agent Red Flags to Consider as Buyers- “Sean Robbins”

5 Real Estate Agent Red Flags to Consider as Buyers- “Sean Robbins”

Bumping into unsatisfactory property is highly common. Most of the time, it’s the real estate agents who lead the buyers to disliked properties either by hook or crook. So, you need to consider some red flags when associating with real estate agents. But how to identify these signs? You need to listen to an industry expert to recognize such symbols. Don’t worry anymore! Here are some of the most prominent red flags by a professional real estate investor, Sean Robbins in Portland, OR. Let’s dive in!

  1. Associates with Multiple Buyers

A real estate agent who associates with multiple buyers is prone to fraud. They work under the immense pressure of finding homes for every customer. Also, they tend to favor wealthier parties over other buyers. So, these agents might lead you to poor properties. Avoid such agents, says Sean Robbins in Portland.

  1. Committed to Part-Time Work

An agent that works part-time is a word of caution. These agents can leave you in the middle of a deal and cause you immense losses. Also, they might be inexperienced and push you towards poor properties unintentionally. So, it’s better to ask the real estate agents about their commitment and stay away from part-time middlemen at all costs.

  1. Late on Property Showing

Punctuality defines a genuine professional. The real estate agent who always appears late during property showings is a person to be avoided. It indicates that they are not serious about their profession and might end up offering bad properties to the buyers. So, you should avoid associating with such agents to close the best deal for yourself. 

  1. Talks Out of the Topic

While talking off-topic can be an excellent way to build a good rapport with the buyers, the excessive deviation can be hazardous. You need to analyze their behavior in the first meeting. Find another agent if he tends to talk out of the business most of the time.

  1. Unhelpful Agents are a No-No!

Agents are middlemen, and they appear to simplify the property buying process. However, you can find numerous real estate agents who appear disinterested in helping the customers and solving their queries at any point in time. Essentially, these are the red flags that you must avoid to find the best properties for yourself.

Agents are a savior in the massive real estate market. You can find better properties and grab lucrative deals, provided your agent is highly helpful and committed to the profession. So, check out the above red flags and pick the best agent for yourself.

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