Packing Hacks and Organization Tips from Professional Movers

Packing Hacks and Organization Tips from Professional Movers

Packing is an essential task that determines the success of your move. It entails organizing your items for safe and easy transportation. As such, you should pack your items effectively. To achieve that, you must apply packing tips from professional movers. The experts understand this beeter, and share the best hacks to organize your belongings. 

Let’s check them out;

1. Use suitable services 

Packing is an essential task but can be complex. Fortunately, you can invest in professional moving companies like BRS Moving, which offers moving services, including packing. The experts will pack effectively, allowing you to relax and focus on other essential functions. 

You can get the best moving company by checking their skills, equipment, and credentials. Also, do a background check or seek recommendations and testimonials from your friends or family.

2. Sort out your items 

Some of your items might not be useful in your new home. Such things will clutter your home, ruining its appearance and accessibility. Also, the staff will increase the moving cost, as there will be more work loading, unloading and packing.

The best approach is to sort your items before packing to identify the ones you no longer need. You can donate the ones you’ll not need or sell them to get money for your moving budget.  

3. Get packing supplies 

You’ll need to invest in quality packing supplies for a successful move. The materials will help in transporting your items and protecting them from damage. The materials include boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc. You can buy them or utilize the materials you already have. But ensure that the supplies are enough and contain all the necessary features to protect your delicate items. 

4. Have a plan for perishable and hazardous stuff  

You must take extra measures if you have flammable liquids or perishable items. Most companies will refuse to move such items; you shouldn’t mix them with normal belongings. You can dispose of such stuff before moving or transporting them in special convoys. 

5. Set aside essentials

You’ll access various items on the moving day. So consider what you’ll need during your trip and ensure it is easily accessible. The items may include prescriptions, toiletries, essential documents, or sentimental stuff. 

Pack the items in a separate box to stay with you during the move. Also, pack a box of things you’ll need as soon as you move into your new home. You can label it an “open-first box” and notify the moving company about its presence.

6. Keep an inventory 

As you pack, create an inventory of all your stuff. An inventory can be a spreadsheet, notebook or pictures of each box’s content. Doing this will ensure no losses and file an insurance claim with your moving company. Also, if you take a picture of a system with complicated wiring before moving it, you can reassemble it seamlessly in your new home.

7. Label your boxes 

Label each box after you’re done packing. You can do this by indicating the box’s content, destination room or how it should be handled. Doing this will streamline the loading and unloading of the boxes. Also, it will help to ensure your delicate items are protected and extra safety measures are applied.


Packing is a stressful and overwhelming aspect of moving. It is what breaks or makes your relocation. Therefore, do appropriately by applying the above packing hacks from professional movers.

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