A Slate Roof – The Ultimate Protection for your Home

A Slate Roof – The Ultimate Protection for your Home

When building a home, there is much to consider and the roof is perhaps the most important component of all. This protects the building against the harsh elements, and with the harsh Australian climate, that is a tall order. If we look back in history, to around the time of the mid-19th century, the arrival of slate in Australia was connected to the thriving import export links between Great Britain and its far away colony, and Welsh slate was used as ballast for the empty ships returning home from England.

  • The Perfect Roof Cover – Slate was not used for roofing because there were no other options, it was popular due to its incredible properties, which include water and fire resistance. Even with all of the composite materials we see today, slate is still a preferred roofing material for many Australian homeowners, and if you are looking for an established contractor that can build a slate roof in Sydney, there is a family owned business that specialises in slate roofs and repairs.
  • Extreme Durability – If any material that can handle the harsh Australian climate, it is slate. Wherever you live in Australia, if you look around, you will see many buildings with slate roofs that have been standing for 150 years. Often, the nails and timber slats have to be replaced, but the slate shingles are unaffected, and over the years, shingles are broken and need replacing, but other than that, a slate roof can withstand the set of time.
  • Unique colours and patterns – Welsh slate comes in a range of unique shades, and it is this individuality that makes a slate roof so impressive. There are many shades of red, blue, and of course, grey, which gives the homeowner choices. Working with slate requires skill and patience, and there are not that many companies that employ skilled slate roofers, but if you manage to find one, they will have an impressive range of unique slate, and would also be able to match any existing slate shingles.
  • Exceptional Insulation – Having a slate roof will help keep the interior cool during the hot summer, and any way to save energy is always welcome. This also helps to retain your valuable heat during the cold season, and is just one of the reasons why slate roofing makes sense.
  • Elegant and Stylish – A slate roof will certainly add some character to any home, and with a choice of colours and shades, finding something unique is easy. Shades of either red or grey are very popular, and when you consider the value of your home, a slate roof is a very wise improvement, and aside from being there for centuries, it will also turn your home into a stylish and elegant dwelling.

If you would like to know more about slate roofing, there are established companies that are dedicated to slate roofing and repairs, and an online search should give you the contact details of a company nearby.

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