Cooling Options for a Sunroom

Cooling Options for a Sunroom

A sunroom provides a luxurious way to enjoy natural light, nature, and yard privacy for three to four seasons, depending on the location. While the bright, open feeling is enjoyable for most people, the openness of the space can sometimes make sunrooms a little too warm to be comfortable. No matter the budget, there are several options to choose from to cool a sunroom.

Simple HVAC Expansion

If a home with a sunroom already has an air conditioning system that can handle cooling an extra space, you can consider doing an HVAC expansion. When the right HVAC expert (we like 32 Degrees in Las Vegas) is hired, they will be able to add additional ductwork that will enable cool air to be able to reach the sunroom.

An expert will need to assess the home, sunroom space, and existing HVAC system to determine if an expansion would work. While this option may cost more than others, the professional assessment and installation are worth the investment for reliably cool air in any sunroom.

Alternative to an Expansion

If a home with an HVAC system can’t handle an expansion into the sunroom, there is another option to have installed by a specialist—and this one may be more cost-effective. Ductless mini-split air conditioners provide an energy-efficient and relatively quiet option to cool a sunroom on hot days.

Window and Portable Air Conditioners

When other options aren’t a good fit for a sunroom, portable or window air conditioning units provide less expensive and easy-to-install options. Window units are readily available at various price points and can be successful in cooling a sunroom. Be sure to check the amount of space an air conditioner can cool and how energy efficient it is to run in that space.

For a portable air conditioner, it gives owners the option to move it from room to room depending on cooling needs. Something to keep in mind when looking into a portable unit, depending on how easy it is to vent, these cooling units can be tricky because portable air conditioners must be vented outdoors to expel any hot air and condensation out of a room.

Classic Ceiling Fans

For anyone on a limited budget who wants to be able to sit in their sunroom even on the hottest days, a good ceiling fan can make a big difference. Ceiling fans are perfect for sunrooms that have screens instead of glass panels. On a hot day, a ceiling fan can move fresh air into the space, helping to cool the skin. 

For those with glass panels enclosing their sunroom, ceiling fans are fantastic for circulating cool air from any cooling unit. Even if there isn’t a cooling system, air flowing from ceiling fans is much more comfortable than stagnant, hot air.

Window Coverings and Film

Sometimes a sunroom doesn’t need a dramatic cool-down, or maybe a cooling system is just out of budget. Insulated window curtains or coverings can give a barrier to keep the heat out and hold any cool air inside the sunroom. 

Another option is to use window film on glass panels. Window film can be tinted to keep the brutal heat out while protecting those enjoying the sunroom from harmful UV rays.

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