Glass – The Ideal Material for the Modern Home

Glass – The Ideal Material for the Modern Home

Glass has long been a part of construction by providing window and door coverings, yet in recent years, this versatile material has emerged to become a very popular choice for many Australian homeowners. Toughened safety glass is extensively used in bathrooms and kitchens to provide a clean and smooth surface that is maintenance free and stylish into the bargain. 

Customised Shower Screens

There are specialist companies that can customise shower screens to fit any bathroom, and with frameless solutions, those smooth, clean lines will add elegance and style. If, for example, a homeowner was looking for customised glass shower screens in Perth, there is an excellent online supplier who can design, build and install the perfect units to complement your bathroom and add a little luxury to your life. Sliding or side door opening styles allow you to make maximum use of space, and with a professional installation, and matching mirrors and splashbacks, the look will be complete.

Glass Balustrades

If you really want to bring some elegance and character into your home, why not consider a bespoke glass balustrade? Frameless solutions make for a smooth line, and with glass, the overall look of the room is not broken up and it gives the appearance of being more spacious. The combination of glass and stainless steel works well with staircases and terraces, and with semi-framed or frameless fittings, you can create the perfect ambience while providing the essential support and safety. 

Pool Fencing

This is one area where glass rules, as the necessary visibility is there, and with special safety glass and a choice of frameless or semi-framed fencing, customised solutions allow for the perfect access with a tailor made gate. The product would be made to Australian government standards, and if you choose an established supplier, you can be sure of a perfect installation.

Glass Table Tops

Whether your existing glass table top is broken or you simply prefer the timeless look of glass, table tops can be manufactured to the client’s exact specifications, and no matter the shape or size, accurate measurements will ensure a perfect fit. Any glass table top would be made from toughened safety glass, for obvious reasons, and with a thickness of at least 6mm, the surface would provide a stylish dining area for the family.

Kitchen and Bathroom Splashbacks

Customised solutions allow you to be very creative, and glass splashbacks are easy to keep clean and certainly very stylish, especially with tinted or stained glass, which adds a touch of uniqueness. If you wanted to renovate your interior and would like to know how glass can be incorporated into the design, there are online companies who specialise in glass solutions for the home.

Glass is not only very safe, it is also maintenance free and with a range of opaque and transparent patterns, you can create something truly unique and with made to measure solutions, you are always sure of a perfect fit.

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