How to Clean Tile Floors, Travertine and Marble

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Some homeowners give a little thought to the science behind the act of cleaning their floor tiles, marble, and travertine. That is because cleaning them is considered a mundane activity of low importance, so it is assigned to the housekeeping staff.

But believe it or not, how you clean the floors is important. Experts at Metro Tile say that it helps improve the indoor air quality and the appearance of a home. So to help you clean your tile floors, travertine, and marble, the following are tips to look at:

  1. Get Rid of Dirt and Dust

Before cleaning, consider removing dirt and dust. This can make the floor, marble, and travertine simple to clean, and the outcome will be far much better.

You may use a broom to gather debris faster and a dustpan to collect so you can throw it away. But some individuals prefer using a dust mop.

Normally, dust mops come with a microfiber pad or head, which helps glide over your floor effortlessly. The microfibers attract hair, fine dust, and dirt, which are present on the flooring.

  1. Use the Right Mopping Method

It is important that use the right mopping technique. If you choose to use a microfiber mop to clean your travertine, marble, and tile floor, ensure you limit the damp mopping to around 300 square feet.

Be sure to as well rinse your mob out, or even better, change the microfiber mob head in order to avoid soil load. Basically, soil load might result in streaks on the floor that you are mopping. Afterward, turn on your floor fan or ceiling fan to dry your mop. This also ensures there are no slip and fall accidents.

  1. Consider Disinfecting the Surface

When disinfecting the surface to clean, add a tablespoon of non-or mild-acidic dish soap to water. Use this solution to damp mop the surface.

Consider moping the surface a second time using clean water in order to get rid of all the lingering residues which might exist. Toweling a cleaned surface is also advisable in this step.

  1. Clean the Grout Lines

The lines between tiles allow the material to contract and expand as the seasonal temperature changes, preventing individual elements from cracking and rubbing each other.

But travertine flooring might be vulnerable since those areas are prone to discoloration, stains, water leakage, and the growth of unhealthy mold.

Use a mix of an equal amount of water and baking soda to clean your travertine mortar lines. Apply the sandy paste using a small brush to enable you to wash the space between the tiles without damaging the material and scratching the edges.

You can also clean the grout periodically. Based on the traffic amount in the house, this can be after a few months or even frequently.

The Takeaway!

Taking good care of your tile floors, marble, and travertine may seem daunting for some homeowners. However, it is among the easiest tasks. Otherwise, the Romans couldn’t have used the surface materials for a long time. All you should know is to learn the right way to clean and get rid of dirt and debris so they can last longer.

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