Tips for Setting up a Cozy Backyard Graduation Party

Backyard Graduation Party

Once you have been awarded your diploma or degree, it is time to celebrate your achievements. With the perfect weather, an outdoor party is always ideal. All you have to do is plan and prepare adequately. Below are suggestions on setting up your backyard for the perfect graduation party of all time.

Use Instant Canopies and Inflatable Outdoor Party Tents for Shelter

The weather may not remain great all day long. Even in warmer seasons, rain and light showers may interfere with your event. To avoid such inconveniences during a graduation party, consider getting tents that provide some form of shelter. This way, nothing will disrupt the outdoor event. What’s more, the shelter makes the venue look fancy and cozy enough, especially if you want to extend the partying late into the evening. Your guests will feel comfortable because they won’t have to endure the hot sun or run around to find shelter when it rains.

Use String Lights

Just because the event is an outdoor one does not mean it must be boring. You can spice things up by using appropriate string lights. These set a party mood and set an ambiance for partying. Hang the lights on trees or along the fence to create a magical appearance.

Use Tablecloths

You probably have a theme for the party. Your decor pieces and other items used in the tent will have a specific color or pattern. Accessorize the tables using table clothes. These could be in plain or bold colors. Alternatively, customize the table clothes to match the party’s theme. This is an easy way to make the venue look festive.

Use Centerpieces

Go out of your way and think outside the box. You could have unique centerpieces for the event. This could be flowers or other decor pieces that match the event’s theme.

Set up a Dessert Table

A dessert table is a special table with all the desserts you intend to serve during the celebration. This table can be set at the front and have all the cookies, cakes, ice cream, and dessert items arranged where party attendees can see and reach for whenever they want.

Have a Drinking Station

Depending on the party attendees, you can have a designated drinking station with various drinks. Include alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to cater to everyone’s preferences and tastes. You may not know what each guest wants, so serving everyone a drink may not be the best move. As such, consider having a station with variety where everyone can make a drink for themselves. Alternatively, you can have someone help with the serving once your guests explain what they want.

Have a Photo Booth

A graduation party is not complete unless numerous photos are taken to mark the day and save the memories. You can achieve this for your backyard party by setting up a photo booth. Consider doing a DIY project with props and fancy outfits and caps for the guests to have fun during the photo-taking sessions.

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