Why the popularity of underfloor heating is increasing

Why the popularity of underfloor heating is increasing

Underfloor heating has become increasingly popular in recent years. With many homeowners and developers embracing the current trend for this practical and design friendly option, you’d be right to wonder why! The recent rise in underfloor heating company staff being employed across the UK must certainly tell us something. 

Why is underfloor heating so popular? 

Underfloor heating is popular for a great many reasons. Whilst every decision ultimately comes down to personal preference, here are some of the things making underfloor heating so highly coveted. 

All about aesthetics 

Underfloor heating is incredibly pleasing in its design, thanks to its ability to be hidden from view. Bulky and oversized radiators aren’t always on-trend, and this is where heating your home from below the flooring comes in very handy. You can install underfloor heating with most flooring types, making it a great choice for those renovating or updating their property. 

Today’s modern homes 

Modern homes are being built with design in mind. Open plan layouts are extremely popular, leaving little space for large pieces of furniture or bulky appliances. Keeping heating elements out of sight is certainly a plus point with many of the UK’s modern homebuyers. 

Costs and savings 

Underfloor heating can be energy efficient and have the potential to add value to a property. Depending on the type of underfloor heating you choose, you may end up saving a little money. Checking with your service providers is always a good option. 

Which types of underfloor heating are best? 

The two main underfloor heating types are electric underfloor heating and water underfloor heating. These do the same job in slightly different ways. Deciding between the two requires you to weigh up some pros and cons. The installation process for electric underfloor heating is often cheaper and easier, but water underfloor heating could prove to be slightly more energy efficient in the long-run. 

Where can underfloor heating be best installed? 

Underfloor heating works well in many different areas of your home. If you have rooms or corridors that feel cold and draughty, this would be the perfect solution. Similarly, if you want to bring some warmth into your kitchen, bathroom or lounge, these are all great choices. The results are cosy and inviting! 

Is underfloor heating good for commercial businesses? 

Underfloor heating can be an excellent choice for offices, showrooms and various business types. This space-saving choice works well when the design is important, and your wall space is limited. Keeping staff warm, whilst maximising floor space is a definite win-win. If your commercial property is currently in the early development stages, then this is the easiest time to install your preferred underfloor heating solution. 

What to know before installing underfloor heating 

Before installing underfloor heating, you must first delve into the history of your chosen installation team. Check their reviews online and ask for samples of their finished work. Companies who have nothing to hide will always be more than happy to showcase their work, along with authentic and verified reviews from past customers.

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