Are white rugs right for your living space

Are white rugs right for your living space

Rugs are a sure way to add warmth to your interior designs. White rugs can be aesthetically pleasing, calming, and neutral at the same time. If you add white rugs in kid’s bedrooms they can create a lot of mess, which can be quite hard to clean, as white rugs can cause mess and spots and it’s very hard to remove the spots, thus it is suggested that we should always use a rug that is not in a lighter shade, especially if we have kids and pet’s around. If we don’t take proper care of white rugs they can stain over time.  But if you take proper care of white rugs they can be durable for a longer period and stand up to the wear and tear of your households for years to come. Below we have talked about how white rugs can make a great addition to your home, how to take care of them and how you can incorporate them into your space.

Are White Rugs A Bad Idea?

So many of our favorite spaces have white rugs and that is very common in every household. But sometimes white rugs can be a bad idea in your household because they can cause stains if anything spills on them. But you don’t have to worry we have some tips on how you can clean your white rugs if anything spills on them.  First, consider rolling them out in places in your home that have fewer spaces with foot traffic like offices and bedrooms. This way they are less likely to get stains from dirty shoes or unexpected spills.

How To Clean A White Rug?

Whenever you see a spot on a white rug you don’t have to be panic. Below we have mentioned fewer tips for you on how you can clean a white rug: 

Regular maintenance vacuum:

This would be a very hard task but if you have white rugs you need to do this regularly because white rugs can easily get spoiled. Because dust and dirt can pile up in your rugs and can cause discoloration over time. So give your rug a good vacuum every week to keep it looking nice and clean. If you have little children, keep in mind that the cream rug is quickly soiled, make sure you clean your rug on daily basis.

For spills, mud, and accident: 

1)Blot, don’t rub: Take a clean cloth and gently dab on the stain and soak up as much liquid as possible before applying a cleaning solution. Rubbing could cause damage and make it more difficult to get out.

2)Clean The Spot: Find the detergent solution which best fits your need and dilute the solution in clear dish soap. Dip a clean cloth into a solution, and blot at the spot again. Dab the area with a clean cloth and again do not rub on it.

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