How to Find the Best Moving Company

How to Find the Best Moving Company

Part of making moving stress-free is choosing a reliable moving company. There have been a lot of complaints about movers who arrive late, charge for unworked hours, and damage items. Some movers also fail to know their estimates. The last thing you need is to deal with such movers. Take some time to scrutinize several movers and settle with one you can rely on. Consider the following steps to help you find the right moving company.

  1. Get Recommendations

Before you search for a reliable moving company, start by collecting recommendations from friends and family. Neighbors and colleagues. If you have a neighbor who moved recently, ask them about the moving company they used and the quality of services they received. Remember, a great moving company like Herlihy Moving is highly recommended. 

  • Collect Several Estimates

Never settle for one estimate. Instead, ask at least three of your potential movers to give you estimates. Avoid a company that gives an estimate without accessing your load first. Collecting several estimates is the best way to avoid surprise charges. 

  • Check License and Insurance

Licensing and insurance are fundamental aspects you should never ignore when looking for a moving company. You need to confirm you will not hand over your whole house to thieves. Additionally, you want peace of mind knowing your items are covered from damage or theft. Therefore, always go for licensed movers who also provide insurance. It is an assurance you are working with a genuine company that respects its customers and provides great services to avoid insurance issues.

  • Check Customer Reviews

An excellent source of information about the company’s service is customer reviews. In fact, many people needing movers start with online searches and reading customer reviews before choosing a mover. Therefore, take some time to review their reviews to see how others feel about them. Reviews can tell you the quality of services to expect from the movers. It is advisable to avoid movers with negative reviews or no reviews. If you encounter several negative reviews, check how the company has responded.

  • Watch Out for Red Flags

There are warning signs that push you away from hiring movers. The first thing you need is to trust your gut. If you feel something is wrong, it is best to avoid hiring the company or asking for explanations. Avoid companies that ask for a high deposit and give estimates without seeing your stuff. If the representatives cannot answer your questions well, it might mean they don’t know much about moving.

  • Visit their Physical Offices

It will be a good idea to get a moving company with a website that you can explore to see what they do. Most importantly, the company should have a physical address. Visit their offices and see how they run their business there. Ensure the company’s name is registered under a company name rather than a residential name.


It is crucial to hire the best moving company for a stress-free move. It will help you save money and keep your belongings safe. However, the decision mainly relies on the budget you have set for the project.

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